Alma TED hair restoration system

Meet TED

real results – painless – no downtime


$1600/3 sessions


$600/session or $1600*

*Price for 3 sessions (may be paid in 3 installments) and inc. HST

Introducing hair restoration that’s pain-free, needle-free, and requires no downtime! Using our revolutionary ultrasound delivery system, we can effectively penetrate a medical grade hair growth serum into the hair follicles. The serum will:

  • work to increase the growth rate of hair
  • nourish follicles to help thicken the hair
  • properly anchor the hair to prevent excessive shedding and loss

Please read the FAQ below or call to book a consultation to see if you may be a candidate for this treatment.

*All photos on this page were taken in the salon and with clients’ approvals. These are real results!

after 2 TED sessions
What is Alma TED?

TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) is an ultrasound-based system that uses sound waves and air pressure to penetrate the hair growth formula deeply into the scalp without the use of invasive needles. The improved blood flow to the scalp results in thicker, stronger hair.

How long is the treatment?

TED is a 35-45 minute treatment. We’ll first assess your scalp to personalize the best treatment for you.

Is it painful?

No! Unlike the PRP which requires painful microneedling, with TED you’ll only feel a warm sensation from the device and you’ll hear a ringing sound throughout the short session. Our clients report they feel no discomfort during or after treatment.

How soon will I see results?

You can expect to see minor results after the first session but three treatments, one month apart, are required for optimal results. Depending on the severity of lair loss, certain clients may only need one session.

Who is a candidate for TED?

TED is for anyone who is experiencing shedding, hair loss, and thinning hair. Ideal candidates will also meet the following requirements:

  • You are in the early stages of hair loss and not fully bald
  • You are in good health
  • You’re not taking any steroids or steroidal medications¬†
Pre and post treatment

Please come to appointments with clean hair that’s free of any products. There is no downtime at all. Your hair will look a bit weighed down from serum residue but can’t be washed or coloured for 24 hours post treatment.

What is the Hair Care Formula?

Alma’s serum contains essential ingredients that support optimal hair and scalp health plus follicle strength.

Hair extensions damage

TED can help with thinning and shedding that often results from the excessive and ongoing use of hair extensions and destructive colour treatments. Treat hair loss early to prevent irreparable damage later.

A look at hair loss

If you feel embarrassed about hair loss, know that you aren’t alone. Millions experience thinning hair and/or receding hairlines due to genetics, aging, menopause, and lifestyle choices.

It’s estimated we lose between 50-100 hairs a day naturally. When you first see changes in your hairline or excessive hair loss after bathing/brushing, that’s the time to consider aiding regrowth.

Previous medications such as Minoxidil are costly with ongoing applications and treatments like the PRP are painful and invasive. TED is the only system with proven results and none of the discomfort.